Established in Uganda in 2000, Bright Technical Services (BTS) is a specialist engineering consultancy firm providing services in the water, sanitation and roads sector. BTS’s main focus is in planning and design of infrastructures, utility management, and training.

The staff of BTS includes professionals with technical, socioeconomic and administrative backgrounds, who can draw on external advisors in specialized areas and work as an interdisciplinary team, complementing each others’ knowledge and experience.

This team fulfills a function of process facilitator and initiator, working closely with sector institutions, local firms and communities to improve their infrastructure services (Water, Sanitation, Roads etc) and the protection and conservation of the environment, being a crucial element to improve the quality of life of the communities.

The company has delivered engineering consultancy services to various clients in the sector worth several millions of Dollars in the past few years. BTS also won various performance awards as the best private operator from the Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda.


BTS shares the following core values as the key drivers for performance:

  • Staff and Client involvement
  • Clarity and Consistency in Communication with our clients
  • Innovation and Continual improvement
  • Credibility and Respect
  • Team Building