BTS offers a range of services within the water and roads sector including; Infrastructure Planning and Design, Strategic Asset Management, Water Loss Management, Utility Management, Performance Management, Project and Contract Management, Training and Knowledge Transfer and, Development of Decision Support Tools.

Infrastructure Planning, Design and Construction Supervision

Water and roads infrastructure are essential for economic development and need to be well planned and designed to meet the growing population demands. BTS has considerable experience in the planning and design of water, sanitation and roads infrastructure including gravity flow schemes, urban water distributions systems, pumping systems, sewerage networks, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment and disposal, rural feeder roads, urban pavements and drainage.

Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering design

  • Population and water demand projections
  • Water Resources Investigations
  • Baseline and topographic surveys
  • Water quality sampling and testing
  • Soil and pavement tests
  • Planning of facilities
  • Design standards and specifications
  • Design of individual units
  • Tender documents

Strategic Asset Management

Water and roads infrastructure services are essential public services. Managing these assets rationally is therefore fundamental for sustainable development. BTS is recognized in this field and offers the following services:

  • Infrastructure condition assessment
  • Optimal maintenance scheduling
  • infrastructure investment planning and management
  • Data analysis and management
  • Integrated asset management with GIS

Water Loss Management

The amount of water lost from the distribution system is an indicator of operational efficiency. BTS provides tools and methodologies to minimize these losses, saving a scarce resource and improving utility revenues.

Physical Losses (Leakage)

  • Water audit/balance
  • Flow and pressure measurement
  • Night flow analysis
  • Network zoning
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Pressure management
  • Economic levels of leakage

Apparent (commercial) Losses

  • Meter selection
  • Demand profiling
  • Optimal sizing
  • Meter sampling and testing
  • Meter Replacements
  • Illegal use control

Utility Management

BTS provides services that improve a utility’s commercial and technical services to ensure reliable services and financial viability.

  • Commercial
  • Meter reading
  • Billing


  • Water treatment optimization
  • Water distribution modeling
  • Energy saving
  • Sewerage treatment and disposal

Performance Measurement

Assessing infrastructure performance against set objectives requires performance evaluation. BTS has experience in performance management of utility services and infrastructure.

  • Development of performance indicators
  • Target setting
  • Benchmarking
  • Efficiency and productivity analysis with multiple inputs and outputs.

Project and Contract Management

Infrastructure investment projects are complex and multi-disciplinary and require application of project management principles. BTS has a team of experienced and multi-skilled project managers who offer the following services:

  • Project planning and organization
  • Resource scheduling
  • Cost control and project programming
  • Construction monitoring and supervision
  • Quality assurance and safety
  • Contract and risk management
  • Value for money audits

Training and Knowledge Transfer

BTS offers tailor made training programs to suit the client’s needs to ensure sustainability of services. The key staffs have conducted the following training programs with international organizations such as UNDP, IP3 (USA), ICLEI (Germany) and UNESCO-IHE (Netherlands):

  • Water integrity and governance
  • Water demand management
  • NRW Management
  • Water distribution modeling
  • Decentralized water and sanitation
  • Contract Management (service contracts, management contracts, lease and concessions)

Development of Decision Support Tools

Most decision support tools (DSTs) developed for infrastructure management are too sophisticated and data demanding. BTS develops appropriate tools to suit the client’s needs with regards to available data, capacity of human resources and budget. Some recently developed tools include:

  • Water Calc_XLS for water balance/audit
  • I-WAMRM for optimal water meter replacement
  • PM-COBT for pressure management planning to control leakage

Resettlement Action Plans (RAP)

  • Stakeholders’ consultations and analysis
  • Carrying out land/property survey and valuation
  • Developing Packages for compensation and resettlement measures
  • Preparation of valuation methodology
  • Preparation of Valuation reports
  • Preparation of the RAP reports
  • Preparation of Valuation matrix
  • Preparation of strip maps

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

  • Identification and analysis of Environmental and Social impacts in the construction and operational phase of all
  • Stakeholders’ consultations and analysis
  • Developing Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) matrices
  • Preparation of Scoping reports and terms of reference for ESIA
  • Preparation of ESIA reports
  • Preparation of Monitoring and Evaluation reports

Preparation of Water Source Protection Plans (WSPP)

  • Situational analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Resource mobilisation analysis for water source protection plans (SPPs)
  • Preparation of Source protection plans